About Us

The Regulatory Affairs Professionals Association [RAPro] is an association registered with the Singapore Registry of Societies in May 2012.

What we want to achieve

Our objectives as listed in our Constitution are:

a) To provide a platform for networking and sharing of regulatory related information among regulatory affairs professionals
b) To provide and disseminate information related to regulatory affairs of biomedical and related products
c) To encourage continuing education of regulatory affairs professionals
d) To improve the professional competency of regulatory affairs professionals

In furtherance of the above objects, we may collaborate with organisations, companies, associations, societies, professional bodies.

Our logo

Our logo is designed by Mr Cai Yiting.

The logo contains overlapping characters of R and A that represents Regulatory Affairs. The blue colour symbolizes integrity and knowledge. The characters R and A crossing out of the box symbolize that we are able to think out of the box and provide innovative solutions. Upward stroke of the R tail symbolizes looking forward and move towards excellence

Our activities

We are looking forward to organizing the following:

1. Quarterly meetings for members to meet up and share regulatory updates. For professionals who were unable to attend the regional meetings, this will be a good platform to be updated.
2. Technical meetings for members to discuss issues and concerns with technical requirements.
3. Training courses. We are working to develop and conduct training courses that will address the needs of our members.